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Expo Mongolia - International multi sector trade fair and conference with the theme "Investment and Innovation"

Known to be a showcase for latest technology, equipment and other essential products, “Expo Mongolia 2017”, the international multi-sector trade fair, takes place between 10th-12th of October in Misheel Expo center in Ulaanbaatar.

Among exhibitors, there are companies from Germany, South Korea, Italy, China, Belarus, and Mongolia displaying their products, services, equipment and latest solutions. During Expo Mongolia, a conference “Investment and Innovation”, in a sustainable development will be held. Some of the main topics and presentations by companies and government officials are “Export and import financing opportunities”, “State of Mongolian insurance sector and investment”, “Controlling and eliminating dust from factories”, “Opportunity to use renewable energy in construction heating”.

Mongolian Government, Ulaanbaatar City Governor’s Office, Mongolian Business Council, French Mongolian Chamber of Commerce, American Chamber of Commerce in Mongolia, Mongolian Builders’ Association, British Embassy, Indian Embassy, Italian Embassy, Canadian Embassy, The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (Germany), and Mechanical Engineering Industry Association (VDMA), the largest industry association in Europe, support Expo Mongolia, lifting its significance and range.

It is open for all visitors to meet exhibitors, exchange knowledge, and get detailed information about their brand products, new technologies, and start business cooperatio...

Expo Mongolia - International mining and multi sector trade fair continues success in May 2016!

After a strong first edition of Expo Mongolia in March of this year, the international multi sector trade fair will take place again from May 23 to 25, 2016 in the Buyant Ukhaa Sport palace. The organizers of Expo Mongolia are looking forward to an increase in country attendees and are confident that new agreements in the Mongolian industry will push the development of the show even further.

Many countries view the mining sector as a driving force of economic development - so does Mongolia. The main economic focus of this resource-rich country is based on the extraction of mineral resources like coal, oil, gold, silver and copper. With world renowned mines like Tavan Tolgoi (TT) and Oyu Tolgoi (OT) in development, Mongolia has great chances of becoming the leading producer in the mining industry.

A first step is done with the new agreement for the OT project made in May 2015. But to bring these resources into global trade and to achieve maximum profit for the country, infrastructure development must be pursued in a timely manner. However, since simply focusing on the mining sector has led to a neglect of other industries in the past, Mongolia’s main aim now is to broaden the economy across various sectors and to adapt to the development of each one.

“After challenges in recent years in the Mongolian economy new agreements in the mining sector and new investment opportunities in many public and private sector projects will push the economy of Mongolia in the next coming years”, said Ingo Klöver, Managing Dire...

Successful start of Expo Mongolia in 2015! 23rd to 25th March in Buyant Ukhaa Sport palace

From 23rd to 25th March 80 regional and international companies and institutions presented their latest products from industries like agriculture, infrastructure, construction, energy, mining and transport at Expo Mongolia trade fair and conference. The successor of Future Mongolia welcomed 2,153 professionals over the three days from Mongolia and surrounding countries.

The show was inaugurated by the Minister of Mongolia Ch. Enkhsaikhan, who expressed his confidence for improving foreign trade in Mongolia. Furthermore, the German ambassador Mr. Gerhard Thiedemann, the Czech Ambassador Mrs. Ivana Grolova, the State Secretary General of the Ministry of Energy of Mongolia Mr. Davaadorj Delgertsogt, and other officials contributed to the opening ceremony with short speeches and welcomed Expo Mongolia the leading international trade fair in the country.

Exhibitors using Expo Mongolia as a networking platform were able to forge relationships with local industry players, stakeholders and governmental institutions to enlarge their business in the resource rich country. Mongolia is a key future market for European and Asian countries.

Long-standing bilateral relations give German exporters the opportunities to grow their business in East Asia. German know-how in fields like mining, construction, agriculture and medicine is greatly welcomed in Mongolia. German companies had the chance to attend the show with the support of the German Fe...

CzechTrade is bringing 4 outstanding Czech manufacturers to Expo Mongolia 2015

The Czech Trade Promotion Agency as an agency established by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Czech Republic provides a broad scale of export-tied services in order to aid Czech companies with entering foreign markets and successful growth of their respective business activities. Key aspect of such assistance is opening foreign markets through trade fairs and exhibition, such as the EXPO Mongolia.

This year is marking a significant turn as CzechTrade is preparing a joint exhibition for four great manufacturers from Czech Republic for the very first time at the great EXPO Mongolia 2015 exhibition.

With the four companies – Agromont Vimperk Ltd., MERKO CZ JSC., Gebr. Ostendorf – Osma Ltd., and INCO Engineering Ltd.  – represented by their respective owners or senior export managers it is going to be greatest trade fair participation of Czech companies in Mongolia in recent years.

We are expecting that EXPO Mongolia will prove to be a great source of viable contacts for all introduced manufacturers, beginning with AGROMONT’s agricultural buildings and technologies, MERKO’s batching plants and recycling systems, OSMA’s plastic pipes to INCO Engineering’s mining hoists and other machinery.

This year’s EXPO Mongolia is to be the first among string of supported trade fairs and events that CzechTrade is planning within the region. We are looking forward to re-connect with our Mongolian counterparts and develop our mutual cooperation further to ...

International mining and multi sector trade fair in Ulan Bator – Expo Mongolia 2015, from 23rd to 25th March

Expo Mongolia – International Mining & Multi Sector Trade Fair follows Future Mongolia as the platform for all industry players who want to expand their target market on the Asian continent.

The trade fair professionals JV Consult, Mongolia and Munich, Expo Mongolia 21 GmbH, planetfair GmbH + Co. KG and a network of worldwide exhibition partners establish an international business platform for all important industries in Mongolia.

As a fast growing country with an enormous deposit of coal, gold, copper, uranium, rare earth elements and oil, Mongolia has a great chance to become the “Pearl of the East”. The country is listed among the world’s Top Ten in terms of natural resources!

From 23 – 25 March 2015 global industry players present their products and innovations in the Buyant Ukhaa Sport Palace and meet professionals and promising clients from governments, institutions, organizations and private enterprises to establish new business contacts in this booming country. National and international associations as well as governmental organizations have shown interest in Expo Mongolia. The German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy already confirmed an official German pavilion for 2015 using the support of world’s biggest Engineering Association VDMA.

“Mongolia has great potential to become one of the leading markets in the region due to the enormous deposit of natural resources, “says Mrs. Narangiimaa Dambadorj, Managing Directo...