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12 - 14 October 2022
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9 September 2022

KÜBLER GmbH presents infrared heaters at Expo Mongolia 2022

The company KÜBLER GmbH is the leading manufacturer of innovations infrared heating systems in Europe.

The products of the company  "KÜBLER GmbH" are available both in Germany and in many European and CIS  countries. The main profile of the company is the production, assembly  and installation of infrared heaters, which operate on the principle of  infrared radiation on the basis of the use of natural and liquid gas. In  addition to high efficiency and inherent European quality, the  equipment of the "KÜBLER" system is not difficult to install and does  not require additional costs during operation. A characteristic feature  of this heating system is that the transfer of thermal energy is not by  convection, but by radiation, that is, on the principle of the sun.

Heaters  of the system "KÜBLER" are often used for heating industrial halls and  production facilities. The greatest economic effect (savings up to 70%)  is achieved in large-area premises with a height of 4 to 35 meters.

Meet KÜBLER at the German Pavilion, stand A12 at Expo Mongolia 2022!

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